Sweet potatoes are more versatile than a holiday staple

Relegating sweet potatoes to the November and December holidays means missing out on a lot of flavor the rest of the year.

And, swirling baked sweet potatoes with a scoop of brown sugar and covering the mixture with marshmallows for a baked side dish adds a lot of calories.

Such a casserole is a nice occasional indulgence, especially when made with love by a favorite relative for a family get-together.

But, sweet potatoes are, as the name implies, sweetened enough by their very nature. They can stand on their own, such as when baked. Just amplify the natural sweetness with a pinch of salt.

Laura Gutschke

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The following recipe for Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Apples is an example of how deftly handling sweet potatoes can give you a lighter-than-expected side dish.

The recipe is adapted from one in “Lean Star Cuisine” (1993) by Terry Conlan, then the food services director for Lake Austin Spa Resort.

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