Smoky Sweet Potatoes With Eggs and Almonds Recipe

Slow-roasting sweet potatoes in coconut oil and spices gives them a rich flavor and delicately crisp texture on their exterior while they turn velvety within. Don’t be tempted to take them out of the oven early. As Steven D., a reader, wrote in the notes of the recipe upon which this one is based: “The potatoes are soft after a half hour or so, but then the crusts harden in the second half hour, giving them the delicious texture that makes the dish unique.” Adding fried eggs, a smoky yogurt sauce and crunchy almonds turns a sweet potato side dish into a satisfying, meatless meal. And if you don’t have coconut oil on hand, you can use olive or another cooking oil, though the potatoes won’t have the same texture.

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Refresh Your Sweet Potatoes With Fried Eggs.

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